A Nordic fintech serving the Global Banking community

AQRISK bring new innovative fintech solutions to market, that help solve fundamental challenges in banking. We rethink optimized banking in close cooperation with customers and offer solutions for the future of banking by effectively utilizing data, quantitative methodology and modern technology.

About us

AQRISK is a specialized fintech company with Nordic roots and global reach. Our HQ is located in the very center of Copenhagen.

We went to market with our first solutions in mid-2018. We have since experienced high growth and now provide solutions to many banks in the Nordics.

We leverage business acumen and vast experience from financial markets and banking, as well as deep know-how within financial engineering, economics and technology. AQRISK help clients embrace data-driven value creation by utilizing data, quantitative methods, visualization, automation, and technology.

Strong partnerships are important to us and our internal sales and development resources are accompanied by close strategic partnerships. The partnerships allow us to scale resources effortlessly.

Our advisory board and investor team includes experienced tier-1 former and current technology and banking executives: Klaus Holse, Peter Colsted, Georg Hetrodt and Rina Asmussen.

Our mission

The world of banking is changing rapidly - new business models and technologies emerge and require banks to continuously identify and adapt to new market and competitor conditions.

A global megatrend is the ever-increasing importance of data and the ability to utilize data for business benefits. This places significant strain on banks to keep up, and increase, its quantitative and tech-driven know-how – it particularly challenges companies that are not traditionally endowed with such competencies.

The future winners in banking will be companies who excel in partnering with specialized fintech companies and thus gain easy access to new innovative solutions and expertise. This is viable to financial institutions of all sizes and shapes.

The experience of AQRISK is that many midsize and smaller banks are acutely aware of the need to adapt stronger and more optimized approaches for utilizing data, quantitative methods, and modern technology.

Our mission includes being a primary fintech partner to midsize and smaller banks by allowing them to benefit from access to vital solutions and business optimization, at affordable prices and without high costs to quantitative and IT specialists. We want to help provide a level playing field in utilizing benefits from data.

The mission furthermore includes providing large banks with easy and fast access to innovative new solutions without having to invest massive internal resources in development and maintenance.

Executive team

AQRISK is a mix of highly experienced banking and IT professionals and young new talent. We are backed by a very strong advisory board.

Morten Virenfeldt

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Esge Räder

Chief Commercial Officer

Peder Boysen

Chief Operating Officer

Mariano Alesandro

Tech Lead

Klaus Holse

Advisory board & Investor

Peter Colsted

Advisory board & Investor

Georg Hetrodt

Advisory board & Investor

Rina Asmussen

Advisory board