September 7, 2020

Arbejdernes Landsbank new client of AQRISK

We are thrilled to share with you that AQRISK and Arbejdernes Landsbank have entered into partnership.

AQRISK will provide advanced fintech solutions to support enhanced decision-making to a large number of employees, including financial advisors, staff specialists and Management.

CFO & Board of Management, Frank Mortensen, comments:

“In AL, we have high expectations for the collaboration with AQRisk. We have for a long time analyzed and discussed how we in the bank should improve profitability and the choice has ended at AQRisk. We have high expectations of being able to strengthen the bank's competencies and abilities in relation to monitoring, analyzing and improving the bank's general profitability.
In AL, we have chosen to implement AQClients360 in several phases, where the focus is first on making a pricing tool available to Business Advisers to support the bank's strategic investment in the business area. The next phase is that we will use AQClients360 to monitor and analyze the profitability of the bank's entire customer portfolio.”

Arbejdernes Landsbank is the 5th largest Danish bank and the new cooperation is an important next step in the expansion of AQRisk and will help pivot our solutions to larger financial institutions.

Visit Arbejdernes Landsbank here.