March 30, 2023

New business partner in Brazil

AQRISK explores the Brazilian banking market in partnership with Nordic Brazilian Capital

While AQRISK is growing and experiencing great interest from the European market, we are equally excited about the spiring interest from other Markets. We are therefore pleased to announce our new partnership with Nordic Brazilian Capital (NBC) to support the good dynamics and wider potential in the Brazilian market. NBC is a São Paulo based financial advisory firm managed by Christian David Christensen and Lauritz Stræde Hansen.

When venturing into far-away markets, strong partners are essential, and we look forward to working closely with NBC and leverage their deep know-how and ties into the Brazilian banking market.

We see Brazil as a highly attractive market to AQRISK - not only is it a very large market - it is in the midst of a rapid digital transition and proves highly progressive in embracing new technologies. We believe the market and banking conditions are just right for introducing our solutions to the Brazilian banks.