September 29, 2022

Danske Andelskassers Bank expand with AQRISK

It is with great joy that we can announce expansion in our cooperation with Danske Andelskassers Bank A/S (DAB).

AQRisk has worked closely with DAB since the beginning of 2020 and now deepen the cooperation greatly.

The new cooperation extends into supporting financial advisors, staff specialists and management with optimizing client assessments, pricing, profitability reporting and much more.

On the new cooperation Karsten Kibsgaard, Department Director at DAB comments: “We have for some time had a great cooperation with AQRisk and we now expand it significantly. Going forward AQRisk will provide fintech solutions to support our private and corporate advisors, staff specialists and management across areas that will enhance profitability, analytical capabilities and further advance our utilization of data and analyses for optimizing the business. We have great expectations to the cooperation.”

We look forward to providing new analytical support for optimizing decision-making across the business and welcoming many employees onto the platforms

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