September 4, 2020

Merkur Andelskasse new client of AQRISK

We are very pleased to announce partnership with Merkur Andelskasse.

Merkur Andelskasse is a Danish - value-based - financial institution, which has been on the frontier of the sustainability agenda since its beginning in 1982. It is part of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), which includes more than 50 value-based financial institutions world wide.

Merkur CFO Alex Andersen comments on the new partnership: “Merkur Cooperative bank is the largest sustainable bank in Denmark. Sustainability also has a financial aspect hence we have partnered up with AQRisk. With the fintech solution AQClients360 we get a system that support and enhance our internal processes and thereby contribute ensuring sustainable products and services to our customers.”

We are excited about supporting Merkur in its agenda and effective retail banking. AQRisk will provide fintech for analytical decision-support to a wide range of employees, including financial advisors, staff and management.

Visit Merkur Andelskasse here.