December 7, 2023

AQRISK supports Merkur goals

AQRISK helps operationalize Merkur Cooperative Bank's ambitious climate goals

Merkur Cooperative Bank has since 2020 been a customer of AQRISK, and through the collaboration, Merkur has taken the initiative and defined requirements for developing the AQOPTIMIZER solution in a direction that supports their ambitious climate goals. In addition to being a leader in Denmark, Merkur Cooperative Bank is also a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), together with 70 value-based banks worldwide, of which 18 are based in Europe.

Morten Virenfeldt, CEO of AQRISK, comments on the collaboration:

”Our ambition is to set new standards for how and how easily banks can optimize their core business, including contributing to stronger profitability, reducing credit loss, and more efficient use of resources. The sustainability area is also in strong focus, and through a close collaboration with Merkur, we have jointly developed the climate price calculator as an integrated part of the AQOPTIMIZER solution. The climate calculator supports the operationalization and integration of sustainability and pricing of products and customers in line with the bank's climate objectives."

For AQRISK, it has been an easy decision to work close with Merkur's request for an expansion of AQOPTIMIZER's functionality, as they see Merkur as an absolute pioneer in sustainability and social responsibility in the Danish financial sector.

"We are proud to be a system supplier to a company with such high climate ambitions and happy that we have now integrated a dedicated pricing function into our product, that can help support our customers' current and future climate ambitions.” says Morten Virenfeldt.

The climate price calculator allows for individual pricing of different climate products for each customer and the underlying effort. Merkur can, for instance, differentiate the pricing of their Climate Loans based on the degree of actual CO2 displacement contributed by the underlying improvement activity.

If you would like to learn more about Merkur Cooperative Bank or about how AQOPTIMIZER can support your banking business and climate strategy, then reach out or read more in the links below.