November 25, 2022

New AQRISK branding

Brand new look & feel - the same proven and cutting-edge solution suite

Since the launch in 2018 the AQBANKING solution suite has become a vital value-driver for many progressive banks in Northern Europe.

With origin in the Copenhagen FinTech environment AQRISK has expanded its client base and is today – among many others - trusted by 3 of the 10 largest banks in Denmark. To match the extensions of our services and the AQBANKING solution suite, we decided to use the power of visual branding and design to showcase “our true colours” to the FinTech and banking world.

We hope it will make our message and mission even more clear.

Boosting profitable growth with next-level banking optimization

AQRISK is on a mission to strengthen the wider banking industry and support progressive banks of all sizes with the solutions necessary to improve efficiency and profitability.

Our clients improve large-scale decision optimization across their retail and corporate banking operations, and it allows for significant value generation.  

The key impact stems from advanced, sophisticated, and holistic pricing, reduction in credit losses, improved resource utilization, increased business volumes, and stronger standing with regulatory authorities.

We’re here to propel your core banking business forward  

The AQBANKING solution suite helps solve fundamental challenges across retail and corporate banking.

Our solutions optimize key core banking functions benefiting Management and client-facing functions.

The solution suite empowers bank advisors with intraday assessments of existing and potential customers, which ultimately improves overall resource efficiency and day-to-day operations across the branch offices. Credit and granting controls are automated, and our operational risk framework supports a more efficient use of resources across the business’ control and risk functions.